Welcome to Pinsk State Agrarian and Technical College after A.Y. Kleshchiov!

Some words from the principal, Vasily Pritulchik, about the college …

In 69 years' time our educational institution has gone through a long way from Pinsk Agricultural Technical Training College of the Ministry of Agriculture of BSSR to Pinsk State Agrarian and Technical College after A.Y. Kleshchiov of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Belarus.
The well-coordinated pedagogical staff is presented by the teachers with long working experience and the young specialists who have only started their practice, working hand in hand together. Some of them graduated from our educational institution. The whole teaching staff directs their professionalism, pedagogical skills and knowledge to the training of specialists, competitive in the modern labor-market.
The new status of our educational establishment and the requirements of modern life oblige the administration of the college to look for new forms of interaction with higher educational establishments to give our best students the chance to get higher education in the leading universities of Belarus.
In 2002 we have reached the agreement to create College - University Association, according to which the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy accepts our best graduates to study on a full-time and correspondence departments according to the part-time study project for the period of 3,5 years, instead of 5.
In 2006 was created the Association with the Belarusian Agrarian and Technical University.
The 70 years' anniversary we meet full of strength and energy, with the updated educational process content and the prospect of work result growth. We still wish to operate with great desire, understanding the usefulness of the work in favor of our Fatherland.

Welcome to Pinsk State Agrarian and Technical College after A.Y. Kleshchiov!



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